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Travellers Club in English

Travelers Club of Türkiye, the original name is “Türkiye Gezginler Kulübü” was established in Istanbul in the year of 1998. Now, we have over 300 male and female members and we believe that Real Travelers are “ world citizens”. They treat everybody, all civilizations, without segregation and prejudice. They see everyone as equal, regardless of their race, religion, language, gender and nationality.


Our public meetings are on the first Wednesday evening of each month except during Summer. Our meeting place is the Armada Hotel in Sultanahmet Historical Area of Istanbul. It is a mutual consultation among travelers, adventurers through quest speakers, slide and video shows including “National Nights”. Sometimes ethnic music groups and international dancers also attend.


If you wonder our past trip destinations were: North Korea, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Bostwana, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Sulawesi Island, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Madagascar, Comor Island, Hondorus, Canada, Alaska, Sudan, Kenya, Estonia, Lithuania, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Patagonia, Yakutia, Gine-Bisseau, Gambia, Buryak Republic, Vanuatu, New Caledonian, Fiji, Iceland, Palau, Tuvalu, Micronesia, Turks&Caicos, Congo D.R and Philippines etc. Also we continue to add new countries with our members.


Our other Activities watching road movies, organizing ethnic costume and dance parties, attending special religious ceremonies depends on “National Nights”. Also, we organize cultural trips for İstanbul and Turkey to visit interesting places in İstanbul for example; Patriarchal Church of St. George.


Up to now, all over the world, we have been visited by members of Los Angeles Adventures Club, Travelers Club of Finland, Denmark, Norway, Madurai (India), Sweden, Vancouver, Holland and Baltimore. Meanwhile our members have visited Los Angeles Adventures Club and Travelers Club of Finland.


On the other hand our club house is a original historical three store building in Sultanahmet Area of Istanbul. It is consisted of A library and a special quest house. In our building we have also a nice terrace where you can have a tea under the shadow of Blue Mosque.


Finally, we also have a new travelers meeting room as a museum “Gezi Evi” at Gayrettepe. It is a very different atmosphere and you can find many books and information for all countries. We advise to visit as soon as possible and we will be very pleased to meet with you.

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